Galo Rivera
Galo A Tribute to Latin Rock
Phone: 803-993-8024
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Playing with passion and zeal
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Galo Rivera
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Galo is back and working on a brand new show. He is now doing a Tribute to Latin Rock Music. He is also adding some of his original music into the show. Galo says "no cookie cutters in this show". If you like Latin Rock this is a must see show.

Galo Rivera is as artistically genuine and unique as music gets. Finding a consuming joy in his instruments (Guitar), he plays with a passion and zeal that is obvious to any listener, while at the same time, delivering welcomed refreshment for the seasoned musician. Galo is a very highly respected Latin Rock guitar player. Some of his music influences has been: Los Indios Tabajara, Santana, Malo, Mandrill, Ohio Players, Graham Central Station, Larry Carlton, Al DiMeola, and Jimi Hendrix.

In his later years Galo performed and traveled doing an unbelievable Tribute to Santana in his concerts, like no one else in the world does. His guitar tone, heart, energy and feel expresses the same soul fullness and heart penetrating leads like Santana brings to the stages.
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