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After coming to the U.S. mainland from Puerto Rico on July 4th 1967, Galo found early renown touring Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, South and Central America, with various bands and on his own. By the age of 21 he was already playing on stages like Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Center in New York City. Throughout his teenage years Galo continued to hone his skills as musician producer and recording engineer.

He had great success with his first band 'Un Toque de Dios' breaking ground with Latin Rock in the Spanish gospel industry. Galo's first album released “Yo Se Que Hay Un Dios” had constant radio play in Spanish and English Christian stations been one of the first bilingual bands in the Christian industry at that time to achive that. The bilingual song “I know there is a God” / ”Yo Se Que Hay Un Dios” was the first bilingual song to hit the Spanish and English radio stations In the New York area fallowed by the rest of the country, Virgin Islands and South America. Galo calls it a miracle for sure.

His second band Galo & Friends also melted with Latin Rock music, was also very unique. Galo started the band for the purpose of doing outdoor concerts to specially help drug addicts and help rehabilitate them with local ministries and to also bring the Gospel into every street listener. Galo's second album release was “I Praise Your Name God Almighty” This album also had great successes and was played again in Christian Spanish and English radio station. The song “Via Dolorosa” an instrumental song was the most played in radio. Galo also call it another miracle. At that time Christian radio only played song with lyrics.

Galo's third band was Galo's Tribute to Santana. Galo loves Latin Rock so much that he decided to do a tribute to one of the Latin Rock music birther, Santana. This band was another of Galo's successes. He was quoted many times by the media that the band was one of the worlds best Santana tributes. Galo released the CD “Galo's tribute to Santana”. Galo said “I was real honored to have such calibers of musicianship in this band it does take special talents to try to replicate Santana's music.”
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